Purpose and Objectives


The purpose of the Network is to establish and promote a unified strategic and coordinated approach to strengthening national and regional regulatory systems, thereby contributing to the implementation of Resolution WHA67.20 as well as the common objectives of the Network participants.  The Network also aims to increase the effectiveness of collective efforts and desired impact in countries and regions. 

More specifically, the objectives of the Network include:

  1. the more effective use of resources directed at strengthening regulatory systems, consistent with good regulatory practices; 
  2. enhancing the capacity, consistency and sustainability of regulatory support interventions;
  3. promoting the sharing and adoption of best practices between participants in the Network; and
  4. reducing burden on regulatory authorities caused by uncoordinated, duplicative and potentially incongruous support activities.

These ToR set forth, among other things, the nature of and framework for the collaboration among the participants in the Network, eligibility criteria for parties wishing to participate in the Network, categories of participation and the Network’s governance mechanisms.  

Collaboration and operationalization within the Network may also be supported by specific operating procedures, templates and training, as deemed necessary by participants with a view to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the Network.